A lot of experienced Podcasters and people just getting started with Podcasting struggle with content, they’re worried about putting themselves out there and that no one will want to follow their journey but what’s I’ve learned is that if you’re even a bit scared you just need to do it.

Because you’re probably going to regret more not doing it than doing it, so take a chance and challenge yourself. 

Care About What You’re Posting
Care about what you’re posting and have an ethical framework underneath it, this will help you get a lot of reach because if people care and it resonates with them they will be more likely to share it or comment and it could spark a debate.

Enter Into Topical Debates
By entering into topical debates with somewhat controversial questions you can get a lot of engagement in the comments and spark a debate. Social platforms love it when there is a debate in the comments because this is what drives engagement and your post will be pushed to more and more people which will help boost your following.

Overcome The Credibility Block
Alright, so number two, this is really good for beginners because there are so many people out there that feel as though they haven’t got anything of value to say and don’t have the credibility to share it. 

So, in the beginning, if you’re struggling with this just share what you do, document your property viewing or what you’re doing that day in your business and you will end up with a lot of valuable content and also build your credibility at the same time.  

Now, not everybody is going to interested in what you did on a certain day, but what they will be interested in is what you learned while doing it, so your content can be sharing the lessons of the challenges you overcame. 

Spark Emotion
People will remember what you say if you spark emotion in them, they may overtime forget what you say but they’ll never forget how you made them feel and by producing content that’s emotive and engaging it will help you reach more of your target audiences and you’ll become a topic of conversation.

Make People Laugh
People love to laugh and it’s what is shared the most on social media and by generating funny and engaging content that is very shareable you will more quickly and easily grow your following and you’re also making a statement of who you are which will help to build your brand.

Masterminds & Mentorships
Probably the highest margin, quickest way to get a product to market is with masterminds and by producing content you can easily pivot into offering a mastermind product for your loyal customers. 

Joint-Ventures & Collaborations
You could go to YouTubers and podcasters and influences and people with 10,000 followers, not a hundred thousand or a million and collaborate with them. The best ways to do this on your podcast is with live interviews and also produce these as a piece of content and the person you’re collaborating with will publish it too so you’ll get a lot of new followers and fans by joint-venturing with other creators or people in your industry and you’ll get a lot of new business that way too. 

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