Podcast Equipment List

Portable Set Up

This is the Entry level equipment which is great if you create solo content or you can purchase two of everything and use the second set up for your guest or co host. The recorder pocketable and the Lav mic are low profile. Perfect for the podcast host who likes to record in different places.

Static / Multi Host / Clubhouse Use

The sweet spot in the line up. A little more expensive than the portable setup but it has far more use cases. If you wish to have high quality audio when in a Clubhouse room or social media live then you can connect the p4 & mic to your phone.  You can also purchase up to 4 mics and headphones if you have co hosts or guests. 

Zoom / Virtual Interviews

You can record your podcast by saving the recording of the zoom. If you want higher quality audio then purchase the P4 with either USB C or USB A connection depending on your computer. Many people now are opting for a virtual based interview show and this is everything you need. 

Professional Setup

For the enthusiast or anyone who wants to have the best possible audio set up. This is for you. It has the most versatility and features; however , it is quite expensive.  

Optional Software

Why Podcast?

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