- Nick James

- Simon Zutshi

- Jeannette Linfoot

- Colin Nottage

"I wanted to launch a podcast for 3 years. With Rob's relentlessness we finally went LIVE. Within 6 weeks I'm in the top 150 global business podcasts, and I raised £25k in sponsorship even before my 1st episode!"

- Shaa Wasmund MBE

"Awesome team! It's absolutely fantastic, show notes are great, sound quality is great and editing is top notch! Very professional and well done to the Progressive team."

- Alex Sapala

"I'm so grateful to my podcast editing agency Progressive Media and Aaron in particular for the highest level of professionalism and knowledge on everything podcasting."

- Nataliya Lloyd

"Thanks to the Progressive podcast team, In particular the main man Aaron, for turning my raw audio into the finished product, a joy to work with."

- Gavin Preston

"I initially thought that podcasts were saturated, and why would anyone listen to me?  Now I have raised £4m in finance for my property portfolio, get invited to be a guest on podcasts, public speeches and also gaining new clients. "

- Ellie Mckay

"Thank you to everyone involved at Progressive but especially Aaron Nelson for providing such amazing assistance to me, helping make my podcast journey thoroughly enjoyable and a success."

- Gavin Wall

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