Kids growing up today want to be YouTubers, Podcasters or Videographers. Why? Because traditional jobs and trades are changing.

Joe Rogan generated $30 million in revenue from ads on his podcast last year and Ryan’s toy reviews made $26 million from his YouTube channel. Five years ago you told your child to get off of the internet and go outside, but now the world is changing and it’s really exciting if you can be ahead of the change. 

I could talk to you about so many different types of media but today, I want to share with you how you can make money podcasting.

Six years ago I started listening to podcasts and I thought to myself, what’s the catch? I’m getting all this great information for free. Well, the only catch is that you may need to listen to a few ads, but it’s those ads that can generate millions.

I started my podcast in January, roughly 4 years ago and my 500th episode comes out in so if you can fast forward, two, three, four or five years and you have 500 podcast episodes out there you’re going to have generated thousands of followers, millions of downloads and tens of thousands in revenue. Plus you’re going to have met dozens of celebrities, have the opportunity to get involved in a number of joint ventures and possibly generate millions of pounds in trickle-down revenue to your business. 

Okay, so why don’t people start podcasts?

For myself, in the beginning, the tech was actually my biggest challenge, learning and understand how to run my podcasts. For others, it may be confidence, credibility, frequency, consistency or money. 

Okay, I’m going to help you overcome all of the reasons. So tech, the first thing you need to do to start a podcast is getting set up with the right gear and you’ll need a Zoom H1, make sure to get two of them and they’re only about £80 each and getting started with a clip-on mic is better than trying to be perfect. Even Joe Rogan has recorded an episode using his phone on an aeroplane. 

Right, so we all have 24 hours in a day so you need to be organised in order to be consistent. Every day I put in my diary from 08:30-09:00 AM to produce a live stream and after long enough my brain is just wired to product content every morning sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to say, sometimes. I’ve got an idea of 50 or 60 different pieces of content to share. 

Okay so perhaps you don’t have the money to start a podcast, well what if I told you I was going to pay you £250 every time you do a Facebook live, how many would you do? It would end up being your full-time job right? Well here’s the thing, you don’t get paid upfront, rather you get paid in trickle-down revenue to your business. Many entrepreneurs sell great products but likely do not get paid for 30-90 days and they’ve got no problem with that 

But they’re not putting content out there because they haven’t seen the proof of the revenue that can be generated, but my podcast has generated more than 3 million pounds in isolation that we can track and that’s with no ads and no sponsors, all generated in trickle-down revenue from listeners discovering my businesses and products. 

Okay next then is fear. A lot of people are fearful of going live on Facebook, putting themselves out there on social media and they’re not interested in building a personal brand and that makes podcasting the perfect business model. There’s no social part of podcasting, the audience can’t engage with you, they can’t troll you like they can on other platforms. 

Now on to content consistency and confidence. To give you an idea of the reach and power of podcasting and it’s ability to build your credibility, 

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