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Systemize Your Success

Dr Steve Day from the systems and outsourcing University reveals evey app, hack and trick he’s used to outsource the entire day to day running of his businesses. You’ll discover how to transform your work from a time-sapping, energy draining grind into something you enjoy doing each day. You’ll learn about letting go, trusting other people to do your work, about virtual assistants, outsourcing, managing a remote team, using apps and technology, creating systems, and stopping your business being reliant on superstar employees that are hard to find and even harder to keep hold of.

You shouldn’t have to do all the work yourself, even if you’re on a tight budget. The sooner you outsource your work, the sooner you can focus on leading your company and doing the stuff that only you can do to make your business a success. Steve openly shares his wins, losses and lessons from creating affordable, practical systems that anyone can use. If you’re a business owner who wants to have more time to focus on doing the important stuff, then you’re gonna love this podcast. No nonsense practical advice, inspiring interviews and unbiased reviews of all the things you need to create any awesome business that you can be proud of. Steve has deconstructed the dark-art of creating sophisticated business systems into a simple step-by-step method that anyone can follow. Hit subscribe and get ready to transform the way you work. 

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