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Building a Bigger Table

Shaa is the original misfit, maverick and magic maker. Despite an Economics degree from The London School of Economics and a proud recipient of an MBE from The Queen, her real talents come from the school of hard knocks.

Growing up on a council estate, Shaa learnt early on, that the only way to level the playing field was to first believe you could. Then go all in on making it happen. 

Shaa’s first book, "Stop Talking Start Doing" became WHSmith's #1 Bestselling Business Book for 14 months in a row, breaking all industry records. 

Shaa has never been one to sit on the fence or rest on her laurels and today her sole mission is to level the playing field and create real social mobility for all. The Sunday Times recently named her as “One of the top 20 most influential entrepreneurs in the UK”.

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